Looking for the perfect way to seek the one?
Our GIFs are here to the rescue!


Get that conversation started

... You have 3 choices ...


Step 1 : Open the GIF section on Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook

Step 2 : Search for 'seekdonthide'

Step 3 : Select a Hide & Seek GIF of your choice!

Step 4 : Send it to the one you seek!


Step 1 : Click on the download icon on your favourite GIF to save it!

Step 2 : Find the GIF in your Downloads

Step 3 : Share the love!


Step 1 : Scroll around and find a GIF you like!

Step 2 : Click on the icon for WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter under the GIF to share it on social media!

Step 3 : Share it to your feed or to a special friend!


Hide & Seek Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies